GLESEC’s Seven Elements Cyber Security Model (7eCSMTM)

GLESEC’s Seven Elements Cyber Security Model is a conceptual representation of the state of cyber security of a client organization along with an alignment to a framework to proactively and responsibly address the client’s cyber security needs

Why GLESEC’s Seven Elements Model (7eCSMTM)?

Executive, yet in-depth as needed

Addresses the needs for information of senior management and board


It is not only information testing and gathering, reporting and alerting but it is also protection, enforcement, remediation and digital forensics investigations


It is the most complete, turnkey set of capabilities grouped in individual services which together become an orchestrated solution

A process that is continuous and a security-as-a-service

Mapping business processes with cyber-security processes and delivery as a service is paramount to be responsive and responsible

GLESEC’S Seven Elements Model (7eCSMTM)


Risk management is the ongoing process of identifying, assessing, and responding to risk. (NIST Cyber Security Framework).  We present risk based key security indicators from our MSS-VM;MSS-BAS and
MSS-EPS services


For COMPLIANCE we understand the testing, monitoring and alerting of deviations of the parameters of all “hosts” and “servers”  in the organization from established baselines



VALIDATION is defined as the testing using multiple attack vectors’ simulation of the defenses of an organization in an continuous fashion and/or as an immediate threat is identified.


We present key security indicators of vulnerabilities from our
MSS-VM services.


GLESEC defines THREATS as the actions of Adversaries or Actors that can cause an impact to the organization.


“We cannot protect what we don’t know exist therefore discovery of assets (systems and applications) is critical to having a sound cyber security practice”


We use the term ACCESS to define the monitoring and control of access to systems and applications including privileged users or administrators and privileged accounts and multi-factor authentication means

The GMP and the GLESEC’s Seven Elements Model (7eCSMTM)

The GLESEC Member Portal (GMP) is the platform  for delivery of GLESEC’s Seven Elements Model  (7eCSMTM)

The GMP presents information at various levels:

Main Dashboard

Executive Dashboards

Tactical Dashboards

Per-service Dashboards


POSTURE WITH THE GLESEC’s Seven Elements Model (7eCSMTM)

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